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Auto Suspension Work in Richardson TX

You do not have to do rough, off-road driving to damage a vehicle's suspension system. Everyday driving can take its toll on the suspension, particularly if there are numerous potholes and other road hazards on your daily commute.

At Campbell Road Car Care, we provide the most dependable auto suspension work in Richardson, TX. As soon as you suspect there is an issue with your vehicle's suspension, visit our auto mechanic shop immediately. Our experts are adept at making suspension repairs like replacing shocks and struts for vehicles of every make and model. Fast service with professional results is why we are the preferred provider of suspension repairs for customers located in and around Richardson, Plano, Allen, Addision, and Dallas, TX.

Silver Car on a Lift in Richardson TX

Suspension Repairs from Expert Technicians

Does your car bounce excessively when you hit a bump or are driving over rough terrain? Does steering your vehicle make loud, high-pitched noises or feel unusually stiff? Do you notice uneven wear on your tires? These are signs you may need your shocks and/or struts replaced, and it is important to receive the necessary repairs sooner rather than later. Problems with your suspension's shocks and struts can lead to uneven tire wear and a number of other automotive issues. 

Our ASE Certified™ technicians have the skills and equipment to repair all kinds of suspension systems. We begin by inspecting your suspension to see what parts are loose or damaged. If there is something wrong with your shocks, struts, or mounts, we will repair or replace them after informing you about their condition. You can trust us to provide the most cost-effective suspension repairs for your vehicle.

Suspension Systems:

  • Inspection / Diagnosis
  • Alignment
  • Shocks / Struts
  • Tires / Wheels
  • Ball Joints
  • Leaf Springs
  • Coil Springs
  • Controlling Service

The Importance of a Well-Maintained Suspension

Without a suspension, your car or truck would be in for a very bumpy ride, and it would not be long before the axles broke. A suspension system is made up of springs, struts, and shocks that absorb the stress of driving over uneven terrain. It provides you with a smooth, comfortable ride and gives you better control of the steering. If you want to protect your vehicle and ensure it continues performing as it should, you want to keep your suspension in top-notch condition. 

Jeep and Truck Lift Kits

At our full-service auto repair shop, we have the right tools and skills to install any product. How high do you want your truck? We can lift it to the maximum height allowed by the law. Because truck lifts are not created equal, we can also customize yours to meet your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how to tell if you need suspension repair work. We proudly serve Richardson, Plano, Allen, Addison, Farmers Branch, Dallas, Garland, University Park, Murphy, and Carrollton, Texas.